Welcome to the final ranking of the season. We hope you enjoyed our work these past few months. The MSQBRank team will be going on hiatus until September, but stay tuned then for our 2022-23 season rankings. Full final rankings can be found here,

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 Congratulations to all teams on a great year, and we hope to see you next season!

#Team NameScoreBest SetRegion Ranking
1Greenhill A (TX)113.81IS-2101 (South)
2Harvest Park (CA)113.16MS-401 (West)
3Middlesex A (CT)111.70MS-391 (Northeast)
4Longfellow A (VA)106.67SCOP MS 111 (Mid-Atlantic)
5Challenger-Strawberry Park A (CA)106.26IS-209A2 (West)
6Westminster A (GA)104.25MS-412 (South)
7Burleigh Manor A (MD)103.03CERES2 (Mid-Atlantic)
8Cooper A (VA)100.36MS-423 (Mid-Atlantic)
9Churchill A (CA)91.27SCOP MS 113 (West)
10Middlesex B (CT)91.27MS-392 (Northeast)
11Beckendorff A (TX)90.76MS-403 (South)
12California Montessori-Orangevale (CA)90.35IS-2064 (West)
13Chenery (MA)89.69MS-423 (Northeast)
14Seoul Foreign A (INTL)89.16MS-401 (INTL)
15Burleigh Manor B (MD)88.98CERES4 (Mid-Atlantic)
16Meyzeek A (KY)87.57MS-414 (South)
17Harker (CA)86.99MS-405 (West)
18Emerson A (MI)84.21MS-421 (Midwest)
19Howard A (GA)82.62IS-2065 (South)
20T. H. Rogers A (TX)82.06MS-416 (South)
21Chapin School A (NJ)81.91MS-404 (Northeast)
22St. John's A (TX)81.72MS-417 (South)
23Cistercian A (TX)81.67MS-428 (South)
24Longfellow B (VA)81.53SCOP MS 115 (Mid-Atlantic)
25Boulan Park A (MI)80.42MS-392 (Midwest)
26Richmond B (NH)80.06MS-405 (Northeast)
27Roxboro A (OH)78.60MS-403 (Midwest)
28Beckendorff B (TX)78.37MS-409 (South)
29St. Mark's School of Texas A (TX)78.24MS-4010 (South)
30Bret Harte A (CA)78.13IS-2066 (West)
31Heritage A (NJ)77.74CERES6 (Northeast)
32Noe A (KY)76.29MS-4211 (South)
33South Forsyth A (GA)74.47MS-3912 (South)
34Sycamore School (IN)73.88MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)4 (Midwest)
35Chapel Hill Smith A (NC)73.73MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)13 (South)
36St. Benedict A (IL)72.60MS-425 (Midwest)
37Oak Valley A (CA)72.39CERES7 (West)
38Churchill B (CA)72.31IS-2068 (West)
39Hunter (NY)71.98MS-427 (Northeast)
40Meyzeek B (KY)71.94MS-4114 (South)
41River Trail A (GA)71.93MS-3915 (South)
42Barrington A (IL)71.33MSNCT-22 (Prelims)6 (Midwest)
43Anderson A (NY)71.29MS-408 (Northeast)
44Annunciation Orthodox B (TX)69.97MS-4116 (South)
45Burleigh Manor C (MD)69.33IS-203A6 (Mid-Atlantic)
46White Station A (TN)68.66MSNCT-22 (Prelims)17 (South)
47Richmond A (NH)68.20IS-2069 (Northeast)
48BASIS McLean A (VA)68.19MS-427 (Mid-Atlantic)
49Cooper B (VA)68.04MS-428 (Mid-Atlantic)
50Annunciation Orthodox A (TX)67.28MS-3918 (South)
51Westminster B (GA)66.56IS-20619 (South)
52Winburn A (KY)66.50MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)20 (South)
53Midtown Classical A (FL)66.26MS-4221 (South)
54Metrolina (NC)66.13MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)22 (South)
55Compass (VA)65.96MS-409 (Mid-Atlantic)
56White Station B (TN)65.95MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)23 (South)
57Challenger-Berryessa A (CA)65.54MSNCT-22 (Prelims)9 (West)
58St. Mark's School of Texas B (TX)65.46MS-4024 (South)
59St. Mark A (TX)65.26MS-4025 (South)
60Beckendorff C (TX)65.22MS-4126 (South)
61Annunciation Orthodox C (TX)64.93MS-3927 (South)
62Middlesex D (CT)64.83MS-3910 (Northeast)
63Great Valley A (PA)64.58MSNCT-22 (Prelims)7 (Midwest)
64Teaneck Charter A (NJ)64.50MS-4211 (Northeast)
65Redwood (CA)64.44MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)10 (West)
66Walnut Hills (OH)64.40MS-428 (Midwest)
67Seoul Foreign B (INTL)63.83MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)2 (INTL)
68Chapel Hill Smith B (NC)63.69MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)28 (South)
69Middlesex C (CT)63.67SCOP Novice 1112 (Northeast)
70Westminster C (GA)63.16MS-4129 (South)
71Village A (TX)63.04MS-3930 (South)
72Discovery (AL)62.89MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)31 (South)
73Heritage B (NJ)62.39MS-3913 (Northeast)
74Incarnation Catholic A (OH)61.85MS-399 (Midwest)
75North Gwinnett A (GA)61.81MS-3932 (South)
76Greenhill C (TX)61.63IS-211A33 (South)
77Brentwood B (TN)61.14MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)34 (South)
78Challenger-Ardenwood (CA)60.91MS-4111 (West)
79Washington (MO)60.80MSNCT-22 (Prelims)10 (Midwest)
80Boulan Park B (MI)60.78CERES11 (Midwest)
81Academy at Lincoln (NC)60.68MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)35 (South)
82White Station C (TN)60.68MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)36 (South)
83Greenhill D (TX)59.93MS-4037 (South)
84Coral-Las Vegas Sandy Ridge (NV)59.72MSNCT-22 (Playoffs)12 (West)
85Churchill C (CA)59.66MS-3913 (West)
86Beck A (TX)59.56IS-209A38 (South)
87Five Forks (GA)59.50MS-3939 (South)
88Norfolk Academic Guild (VA)58.88MS-4110 (Mid-Atlantic)
89Coppell North (TX)58.32MS-3940 (South)
90Berwick A (PA)57.81MS-4112 (Midwest)
91Risdon (WA)57.56MS-4214 (West)
92Connecting Waters Charter (CA)57.52IS-20615 (West)
93Springfield Franklin (IL)57.23MS-4213 (Midwest)
94Middlesex E (CT)56.85SCOP Novice 1114 (Northeast)
95Noe B (KY)56.79MSNCT-22 (Prelims)41 (South)
96Boulan Park C (MI)56.76MS-3914 (Midwest)
97River Oaks Baptist A (TX)56.66MS-4042 (South)
98St. Vincent de Paul (TX)56.65MS-4143 (South)
99Boyle County A (KY)56.44MS-4244 (South)
100Druid Hills (GA)56.17IS-209A45 (South)